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These are pieces that we no longer have in our inventory or available in Charleen's Private Reserve.

We list them here for Collectors to browse and identify pieces they may have. If there is an item that is not here that you would like to know more about just send us an email.

Hall Closet Monitor Bill Troll's Pullet


Brave Ted Molly's Little Bullfrog Claire Dear
Baby Bunny (Bunnies, Three) The Holiday Bug Monique
Zoey Molly's Little Bullfrog Closet Beast
Closet Beast II Closet Beastie Too Diedra The Dream Stalker
Dolly The Upstairs Mouse Dragon II Gulp Erasmus
Eunice The Usherette Fatty Patty Fergus and Tiny Baby Fergie
The Players, Fred and Gwilym Fred - Player 1 Gwilym - Player 2
Freda Be Fierce Gnome Tom Griswold II Aunt Honey Honey
Little Dickens Lola Skunk Lulu
Maximilian Mistress Faye, Fairy Godmother Opossum Nanny Bear
Ollie Ollie Phineas Princess
Rhode Island Rhoda Rocquet Raccoon Scout The Happy Camper
Sly Ubcreet, The Creature Under the Bed The Sock Bandit Softly Sam
Sophie, The Muse of Panic Storybook Bear Sweet Dreamer Lucy
Thaddeus P.J. Bear Tiny Baby Fergie Tom's Toad Too
T.R.'s Bear II T.R.'s Bear's Honey T.R.'s Bear's Cub
Two To Tango Uncle Bumps Ursa Minor
Wooly John Yagi Baba  
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