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Dragon II-Gulp

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Wrapped in the deep green of his coiled body, evening wear in itself, Dragon II Gulp begins to amuse himself only after the party's over.

He transforms himself from innocent wallflower into director (and repository) of the Lost and Found, finishing off the crumbs, the streamers, the rare spangle.

If you simply must attempt retrieval, dare to reach - down, and down again into his slippery pale green gullet.

His spiraling eyes, which seem to be watching your every move, even this probing one, may convince you to think twice.

After all, why ruin his evening?



Size 12" Tall(?)
Limited 400 Pieces
Materials Velour, Cotton, Metallic Eyes
Introduced 1998
Price $280
Other Reach all the way down into his gullet
Catalog Page 8

Dragon II-Gulp


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