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Gwilym - Player Two


Gwilym did not set out to become a Player.  In fact, despite the perhaps endless run of this period, Gwilym has little interest in the game itself.

It is a more personal form of play that excites her.

However, in accepting the challenge, and the ambiguous nature of the game, and the kinetic nature of the pieces,

she has honed a talent for drama, and has developed a detailed battery of symbolic communication.

During the long caesuras necessitated by Fred's more committed deliberations, Gwilym practices subtlety.  The bright-colored orbs of her eyes alternately disturb his concentration and decry moves yet only imagined.  Observers have noticed how the slightest gradation of flare in Gwilym's frill cape affect the opponent's diligence.  As has Gwilym.

Precision is a professional's tool.

But Gwilym does not mistake her minor successes as a substitute, or even precursor, of some final triumph.  For despite her spotty attention to individual moves, she has an almost magical understanding of the flow of play.  The game is merely the form of a deeper, psychic dance between players.  The content envelops them both. 



Size 10" Seated
Limited 150 Pieces
Materials Cloth, Leather, Wooden Eyes, bead filling
Introduced 2000
Price $460
Other Eye movement with open/close mouth action.  Moveable neck frill; wired fingers, toes. Signed, numbered.  Comes with two leather snails (one dark, one light) 2 3/4" tall with wired neck. Two-sided printed playing board, stone counters and a die.
Catalog Not Pictured

Gwilym and a Snail playing piece

What a face!


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