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Yagi Baba (Retired)


Yagi Baba is Sold Out

Fulfill your destiny, don't resist it! Yagi Baba knows that a single golden thread could be your secret link with mystery; She's the one who will urge you to buy the glittery trinkets, and to follow the gypsy in your soul.  With Yagi Baba as your companion, you'll find yourself sinking into the sunset on a different horizon each night, relishing magical brunches in breezy orchards or dreamy dinners by a starlit sea.

She'll teach you how to barter down for baubles, how to choose the best piazza for romantic palm-readings, and which buses will guarantee your bumping into the significant other of your daydreams.

Fall under her spell, and slip into a sumptuous summer.



Size 7" Standing
Limited Summer 1999
Materials Mohair, cotton, beads
Introduced 1999
Price $80
Other Moveable headl and arms
Catalog Not Pictured

Yagi Baba


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