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Diedra The Dream Stalker


Diedra is Sold Out

Treat her right, make her your bedtime partner, tell her your secret daydreams, and she will be off into the dusk, staking out a good piece off the night just for you.

It just takes a little hint -- the glow in your eyes as you recall some special childhood dream -- maybe pushing off from the second floor windowsill and breaststroking over the rooftops.  The Dream Stalker merely has to concentrate for a blink to capture the nuances of those distant dreams.

But hiring a professional entails a risk; you must respect her ability, trust her instincts and surrender your fears to her.  Payment must be prompt and regular.  A neglected Stalker can do considerable damage to a dream collection.  Freefalling to an abrupt halt on your mattress, gasping for air that doesn't come quickly enough -- these are the signs of a Dream Stalker's huffy retreat.  Tell her first, tell her all you remember.  It's your smile in the morning, with the faraway gaze, that feeds her little dreamer's soul.



Size 8" long
Limited 300 Pieces
Materials Curly rayon, Velour, Polyester knit, Wood Eyes
Introduced 1994
Price $170
Other Slightly moveable head and eyes, Jointed legs
Catalog Page 9

Diedra The Dream Stalker


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