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FOREVER TOYS are lured from somewhere between the worlds of nature and folklore and fairytales.   They are designed to intrigue the dramatist in children and adults alike; to coax us into play; to be taken into our lives as companions, as mascots, as reflections of our caring and of our gaiety.  Through their gestures and details, that silent voice known as character calls the imagination out to play.  Forever Toys are made for those who will hear that subtle invitation.

Want a muffin?

Gnome Tom Griswold II

If Gnome Tom Griswold II can entice you into his world of tricks and magic...If Sweetcakes can comfort you with her "Want a muffin?" expression...If you suspect Sly Ubcreet of slithering under your covers unassisted...If your vacuum cleaner might know our Closet Beast...If you approach T.R.'s Bear with even a twinge of caution...then you understand.   Our family of Forever Toys is bound to meet your family sooner or later.

eGnome - A retailer of Charleen Kinser Designs