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Every toiling creature longs to rest.  Princess embodies that longing, and lures us to partake of the simplest of sensual rewards: luscious sleep.  Eternally relaxed, mesmerized in her own personal midnight dream world, which encompasses all twenty-four hours, she seeks nothing.  More than satisfied with the pleasures of her pile of pillows, Princess reminds us that at the end of the day, there is sleep, sweet and pure.  As white as the moon's full face, as soft as the deepest down quilt, this gal is the perfect advocate for silken repose, vacations and holidays, and any other variety of languorous leisure.  Tiny pink pads untouched by the fatiguing soil of this earth, and sweetly tucked pink nostrils are the only evidence that this creature too was made, in some original plan, to move.  But don't let that stop you from following your instinct; join Princess in the priceless peace of sleep.  And dream

"Real princesses do not allow themselves to be perturbed by insignificant vegetable matter."



Size 17.5" long plus tail
Limited 250 Pieces
Materials German acrylic fur, Leather
Introduced 2000
Price $200
Other Weighted body, Satin rosebud collar, Jointed neck. Whiskers.
Catalog Not Pictured


What an expression!


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