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Price     Price
A Few Great Bears Price Household Bestiary Price
Curly Little Buddy S/O Alpaca Rat, The Button King CPR
James S/O Bedtime Quartet: All together CPR
Little Polaris S/O     Scrub Our Fangs CPR
Louie Louie CPR     Paw The Book CPR
Lulu S/O     Give Us A Kiss CPR
Phineas S/O     One More Star CPR
Softly, Sam S/O Best Friends, Chamane & Winnie CPR
T.R.'s Bear II S/O Closet Beast II S/O
Tag-along Louie 190 Closet Beastie Too S/O
Wooly John S/O Deidra, The Dream Stalker S/O
Thaddeus P.J. Bear S/O .Com CPR
Buttercup S/O Dragon II-Gulp S/O
Storybook Bear S/O Eunice, The Usherette S/O
Freda Be Fierce S/O
Reality As We See It Price Picky 'Paca Rat S/O
Bill Troll's Pullet S/O The Players S/O
Coyote Sir CPR Sadie (Your Personal Dresser) S/O
Dolly, Upstairs Mouse CPR Sophie (The Muse of Panic) S/O
Fairy Godmother Opossum S/O Simple Rich, Tooth Goblin CPR
Gulliver CPR Sly II, Pajama Bag Supreme S/O
Little Molly's Bullfrog S/O The Sock Bandit S/O
Little Owl Athena 170 Sweet Dreamer Lucy S/O
Little Red Hen S/O Tiny Baby Fergie S/O
Lola Skunk S/O
Princess S/O    
Rocquet Raccoon S/O    
Charleen's Private Reserve
Dumb Bill Troll CPR    
Sweetcakes CPR    
Tom's Toad Too S/O    
Morningstar and Twinkles S/O    
Eunice, The Usherette S/O    
Dot Com CPR    
Charmane & Winnie, Best Friends CPR    
Diedra The Dream Stalker S/O    
Give Us a Kiss CPR    
One More Star CPR    
Sly II, The Underbed Creature S/O    
Simple Rich, The Tooth Goblin CPR    
Fred (Player 1 from The Players) S/O    
Gwilym (Player 2from The Players) S/O    
Golden Louie CPR  
Louie, Louie CPR  
Little Buddy Brown Mustard CPR  
Little Buddy Brown CPR  
Little Buddy Beige CPR  
Little Buddy Orange CPR  
Little Buddy Snow CPR  
Curly Little Buddy S/O  
Buddy Bear CPR  
Little Polaris S/O  
Tiny Buddy Stubs CPR  
Softly Sam S/O  
Brave Ted S/O  
Nutmeg S/O  
Thaddeus P.J. Bear S/O  
Alpaca Rat CPR  
Daphne Dear Mouse CPR  
Picky Paca Rat S/O  
Poupon CPR  
Dolly The Upstairs Mouse CPR  
Mouse Set CPR  
Bill Troll's Pullet S/O  
Little Red Hen S/O  
Coyote, Sir CPR  
Little Owl Athena CPR  
Grandma Toy - Polly Doll and Cat S/O  
Grandma Toy - Crib Flowers CPR  
This Little Piggy CPR  
Gulliver CPR  
Classic Rabbit S/O  
The Nutcracker and Mouse King S/O  
The Sugar Plum Fairy CPR  
Sewing Sculpture book by Charleen Kinser CPR  
No Longer Available
Lulu     The Sock Bandit  
Phineas     Sweet Dreamer Lucy  
T.R.'s Bear II     Tiny Baby Fergie  
Fairy Godmother Opossum        
Little Molly's Bullfrog        
Lola Skunk        
Rocquet Raccoon        
Closet Beast II        
Dragon II-Gulp        
Freda Be Fierce        
Sophie (The Muse of Panic)        

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