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Lola Skunk


From a gap in the surrounding shrubbery and onto the cooling, darkened grass of the deserted court slowly rolls the black ball, it's white stripe wobbling along as if on it's own.  The third Annual After Dark lawn games have begun.  Floodlights are discouraged, and silence is a must for 1994's challenger, the sleek and lovely Lola, is easily startled and not to be provoked.  She wears her confidence under a think mask of timidity, but in the end, whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.

In this case, an unrivaled ability at most nocturnal activities, croquet included, has earned her the unheard of indulgence of a personal ball.  Not for Lola to bother herself with drawing lotts like the other members of the After Dark Garden Club.

As she steps up to the wicket, the chittering of the crickets comes to an abrupt halt, and the other players are relieved; were she to break for a snack now, the game might well slow to a stop.  Lola's natural disposition, gentle yet extremely focused, regularly brings the pace down to a plodding trundle.

Should she be disturbed during play, Lola may well stamp her front feet in indignation; every move is vital to her game plan.  And although she is a professional, she has been known to fume, turning her back on the whole crowd and flipping up in consternation her magnificent plume.



Size 15" plus tail
Limited 200 Pieces
Materials Acrylic, Leather, Glass Eyes
Introduced 1994
Price $220
Other Jointe neck and arms, Wired tail, Cloth bag with croquet ball included
Catalog Not Pictured

Lola Skunk


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