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Gnome Tom Griswold II


Gnome Tom is Sold Out

Gnome Griswold likes the very best, Berries and cream, a soft place to rest - Preferably with a big warm cat Gnome Griswold likes nice things like that.

When farmer offers up his home, To this enchanted balding gnome, Wild magic reaps the hay, And tiny hens lay thrice a day Colorful eggs of unusual size.  And rainbows crowd the skies.

If gnome be turned from kitchen door, There'll be more magic than bargained for.  Feathered fowl will learn to talk, And farmer John will join their flock.



Size 22" Standing
Limited Numbered to 999
Materials Deerskin, poly/cotton, Acrylic
Introduced 1986 (Second edition)
Price $520
Other Dangling arms, Jointed neck and legs, Knit longjohns and socks, Cowhide pouch and shoes, Wool cap, Pheasant feather, Leather and polyester vest
Catalog Not Pictured

Gnome Tom Griswold II


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