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T.R.'s Bear II


On this crisp winter day, a small but rugged Gnome Tom Griswold reviews his woods from an enormous and furry throne.  Not everyone is as casual with T.R.'s Bear, at least not at first.  He demands you immediate respect.  Walk up to him carefully, but quickly - you want to meet him before you lose your nerve.  T.R.'s Bear is the patron of lost and troubled creatures, the gentlest, most understanding beast you'll ever meet; but he's not a pushover.

Once you've met with T.R.'s Bear's approval, the woods, any woods are your to explore, the magic yours to find.  Whenever you need to roam, he'll be your silent companion through sun-dappled woods, to bouldery hillsides that speak of stumbling, mumbling trolls, to thin, almost hidden paths along ridge-tops brambled in wild blackberries.



Size 60" Tall, 44" Seated, 62" Around
Limited No
Materials Acrylic fur, Cowhide nose and paws, Glass Eyes
Introduced 1977 (first version)
Price $800
Other 22 pounds
Catalog Not Pictured

T.R.'s Bear II


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