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T.R.'s Bear's Honey


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T.R.'s Bear's Honey, in the traditional role of middle-sized mama bear, is more feminine in shape and gesture than T.R.'s Bear.  She is a sweet and gentle creature.  Plump and subtly smiling, she plays mother to all small beings. 4 ft. of soft, furry, cuddling grizzly bear, T.R.'s Honey likes bear hugs and stories about bears; and children's bare feet fascinate her.  Her glove-soft cowhide paws and feet are ticklish, and she loves to be scratched under her chin.



Size 48" Seated
Limited To be retired July 2000
Materials Acrylic, Cowhide nose and paws
Introduced 1976
Price $620
Other Fur may be slightly different than picture.
Catalog Not Pictured

T.R.'s Bear's Honey


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