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Fred - Player One


Fred is the quintessential game freak.  He is intently, innately attuned to the numerous possibilities presented by each play.  The intricacies of the world upon the board are his primary and perhaps sole excitement.  Winning is not his goal.  

His multifacedted understanding reduces the pace of the game; conventional timepieces are impractical in measuring the duration of his turn.

No one knows whether the game originated in Fred's imagination, or simply as a response to the growing interaction between The Players.  Some authorities insist that Gwilym meant the first stone as a gift of some sort, but that Fred accepted it as an ante, and the game began.  One thing agreed upon by all onlookers is that Fred's talent lies in his determination to continue the game, despite the transmutation of the rules, the pieces and his mind.  Fred is a true Player.  



Size 14" Seated
Limited 150 Pieces
Materials Leather, Acrylic fur, cloth, bead filling
Introduced 2000
Price $480
Other Glass eyes, jointed legs and head. Dandly arms.  Signed and numbered. Fred comes with 1 dark and 2 light snails, a 2-sided printed playing board and a few natural twigs as counters.
Catalog Not Pictured

Fred (and a couple of Snail playing pieces)


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