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T.R.'s Bear's Cub


T.R.'s Bear's Cub is Sold Out

Just call me Ace.  I'm treasure-hunting today with a sharp eye out for adventure - any chance for daredevilling.  I'll take on anybody, too, because I've been in this birdman business a long time;  I'm the best there is.  You never know what kind of loonies will try to prove me wrong up there.  Usually the kind who can't fly, except in their dreams!


I'm leaving the ground,

Nose to the sky.

All systems go;

This bear will fly.

To all things earthbound,

I shout only, "good-bye!"

Hey stunt-man, you think you own this strip of sky or something?  Get off my tail with that poor excuse for a jet.  Army Surplus!  Come on, I'll race you; my space wagon can beat your crummy fighter any day.  ZOOM!  Told you so!

Ahoy! Open your nostrils boys and take in that smell.  Now there's the treasure I've been after.  Oatmeal-raisin cookies - Mmmmmmm!  We're docking at Kitchen Port.  The whales can wait!



Size 35" Tall, 24" Seated, 35" Around
Limited Being retired July 2000
Materials Acrylic, Cowhide nose and paws
Introduced 1976
Price $340
Other Non jointed, Floppy arms
Catalog Not Pictured

T.R.'s Bear's Cub


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