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Aunt Honey Honey


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Oh, remember the giggles, the questioning gaze At the marvels we showed them in earlier days.  The most thrilling adventures, from out of the blue, Came like secrets that Nature told just to us two.

Indeed I recall those Alaska days.  Nature was a gossip, true.  Not an hour passed without a secret or a few.  A purple flower blooming from a snow covered stone, An elk nibbling berries by the light of the moon.  And children ever trading A bit at a time those secrets from Their beds until the dawn burst through.

On the ears of other grown-ups, These secrets seldom fell, Just on your and Aunt Honey Honey's, Because we'd never tell, Where to find the elk or the flowering stone, But we'd go there In the morning With the children One by one.



Size 30" Seated, 50" around
Limited Numbered to 999
Materials Acrylic fur, Cowhide nose and paws, Glass Eyes
Introduced 1986
Price $660
Other Head and arms flop, 12 pounds
Catalog Not Pictured

Aunt Honey Honey


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