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Thanks for visiting eGnome and for sharing in the creativeness of all the creatures designed by Charleen Kinser.  Read on to find out more about us.

eGnome - Who we are?

We are a retailer of Charleen Kinser Designs Forever Toys and strictly an internet based business.  There is no storefront, no warehouse...actually there's just me, Karl, and my dog Scarlett.  That's us below.  We are just like any other retailer of Charleen Kinser Designs except for the fact that it is the only line we carry.

Thaddeus P.J. Bear was my first Kinser and he has a special place sitting atop my Grandmother's antique Singer treadle sewing machine.

Shortly after I received Thaddeus, my Mom decided to open a children's bookstore and teddy bear shop called "Books & Bears".  She carried many of Charleen's pieces and had a special section of the store for the "Kinser Gallery".  I worked at "Books & Bears" through High School and College (Thanks for the job Mom!) and that probably planted the business seed in my head.  The appreciation for Charleen's work just naturally grew because of the incredible artistic talent, amazing design, and impeccable craftsmanship in each and every piece.

eGnome - Why do we do it?

The main reason for eGnome is to expose Charleen's work to as many people as possible.  We think it's THAT GOOD!!  And what better way than a web site?

An ancillary reason is for me to gain more experience building web sites and learning eCommerce.  My day job is designing computer software.  It pays my bills and feeds my dog.

eGnome - what's in a name?

A website needs a domain name so I had to think up something that was catchy, short, and hopefully memorable.  I tossed around quite a few names, some already taken, some not.  I just liked the sound of eGnome and Charleen has made some great gnomes (Gnome Tom Griswold, and Sweetcakes).  Thus eGnome was born.

eGnome - what's our mission?

We're not here to make a quick sale.  We're here to answer your questions about Charleen's work and to make sure you find the creature that's right for you.  If you just want to ask us questions, but prefer to give your business to your local toy store, that's great!  Growing up working at my Mom's store, I know how important it is to support your local retailers.  We're not here to take business away from others, we're here to create new collectors of Charleen's work and to provide as much information about her pieces as we can.

eGnome - our Inventory?

We've built up a large inventory of Charleen's pieces so that when you absolutely must have a gnome, or bear we'll be able to ship it out to you as soon as possible. Also, if you like to choose the piece that fits your personality we'll be happy to take pictures of the exact pieces you're interested in and email them to you to choose.  Since eGnome carries only Charleen Kinser Designs, we know a lot about her work, and we want to provide the most helpful and friendliest service we can.  Let us know how we can serve you best.

All of Charleen's pieces that we sell are brand new and have never been on display in a store.  They're just as we receive them from Charleen...full of imagination.

eGnome - A retailer of Charleen Kinser Designs