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The Bedtime Quartet


Where is the routine in the bedtime routine?  Shoved under the covers, or lost under the bed, that's where.  But trying to find order in chaos is what gives every bedtime its own rhythm, and sometimes melody.  Whether the members of the bedtime quartet will help or hinder is up to you and your bedtime buddies.  Slide you hand into any one of these dubious characters and take command of that routine!  On the other hand, you could decide to reduce the day's last hours into a quivery mass of giffles.



Size All approx 11" long
Limited 100 Pieces each
Materials Velveteen, Cotton, Button Eyes, Tooth brush, Acrylic, Leather, Plastic Eyes, Wool felt
Introduced 1998
Price $570
Other Also available separately
Catalog Page 15

The Bedtime Quartet


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