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Tag-along Louie


Tucked under an arm, cradled or dragged, piggy-backed, strollered, twirled or bagged, here comes Tag-along Louie.  Built for the long haul, he's destined to show up in more than one chapter of the family album - he'll be the short furry one with the kids.

It's Louie who NEEDS another cookie in the back seat of the car, but not to worry about crumbs or melty chocolate chips; his fur is surface washable.  Seventeen inches tall, he pads along on velour paws and sniffs at every passing wind with a soft velour nose.  His dangly arms are for twirling, and his plastic eyes for watching the sky whirling by.



Size 17" Standing
Limited 200 Pieces
Materials Acrylic, Velour, Safety Eyes
Introduced 1991
Price $190
Other Jointed neck and legs, Louie Louie is pictured on the left with Tag-along Louie
Catalog Page 1

Tag-along Louie (and Louie Louie too!)


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