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Louie Louie


Classy like the old love songs, cool like the new dance songs, Louie Louie is a companion for all the rouand-and-rounds, ups and downs, of your life.  Giving you a softness to hang on to (and real leather pads to caress) in times of trouble, he's the next best thing to a best friend.  He seems to recall times gone by, listening in rapt attention to the latest whorl in your emotional existence  And in the giddy first hours of a new experience, he's game for anything, holding on and skipping along, the light playing off his deep alpaca coat as you pull him through your adventures.  Louie Louie, love.



Size 17" Standing
Limited 99 Pieces
Materials Alpaca, Leather, Safety Eyes
Introduced 1999
Price $260
Other Jointed neck and legs
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Louie Louie


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