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Coyote Sir


Long gone are the days when one could instantly recognize a gentlemen by the cut of his suit, or count on one to pull out a lady's chair, but here is a gentleman's gentleman.  Coyote Sir, in his dress white linens, believes one should always be attired for dinner.  One never knows when one might be offered the perfect invitation.  Dinner for three, given the right companions, may even turn into a romantic dinner for tow, or, if the appetizer is particularly petite, an occasion for dining alone.  However many in your party, should you be dying to fill a seat, or empty one, Coyote Sir is happy to oblige.  Don't let the loll of his burgundy tongue and the angle of his eye disturb your merry making; letting the good times roll is his specialty.



Size 19" Seated
Limited 275 Pieces
Materials Mohair, Leather, Glass Eyes, Plastic Teeth, Polyester Fill, Linen napkin
Introduced 1999
Price $380
Other Carries his own menu, Jointed neck
Catalog Page 13

Coyote Sir


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