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Simple Rich


The earliest sun touches your pillow, and you, half asleep yet, reach underneath to collect the fortune you dreamed of last night.  Just before bed, you deposited the pearly white treasure in the appointed place.  This morning, your fingers grope, and find...neither coin, nor tooth.  You've been robbed!  And now you are wide awake.  Simple Rich, the Tooth Goblin, must have got to it before the fairy even landed.

Can't blame him, really; he has only a few grotty chompers himself.  Look there by the bed; the culprit waits in silent glee.  The chase is what he's about.  Go on, nab him now.  He's little beastly, and a poor loser to boot, but Simple Rich does know the rules: a coin for a tooth, a tooth for his mouth.  Hoarding them up in his pocket he is, waiting for some greater goblin to fit you castoff baby ivories into his ratty trap.



Size 10" Tall
Limited 200 Pieces
Materials Mohair, Wool coat, Glass Eyes, Bead teeth, Wood trundler
Introduced 1999
Price $210
Other Wood trundler is removable
Catalog Front Cover, Page 16

Simple Rich, The Tooth Goblin


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