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Sly II, Pajama Bag Supreme


Most people have a housewarming.  Sly II has a bedwarming.  The only problem is, it's yours.

Now that he has lost his fear of bright lights, and gained an appreciation for the comfort of comforters, you will share.  His version of the bedtime story goes like this:

"Once upon a time, the upper and lower regions of the kingdom were divided by the bed, and the lower region belonged to me.  Now it is different.  I have transformed myself, and so the entire kingdom is mine."

It may be of some consolation that he promised not to suck your toes.  Let's hope he keeps promises.



Size 26" long plus tail
Limited 400 Pieces
Materials Velour, Cotton, Metallic Eyes
Introduced 1998
Price $300
Other Teeth snap mouth shut to hold in pajamas
Catalog Page 8

Sly II, Pajama Bag Supreme


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