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Best Friends, Charmane & Winnie (Second Edition)


Best Friends Or Entertaining Strangers It's not a dog-eat-dog world anymore.  Just count yourself one of this budding group, and rediscover safety in numbers, the entertainment of strangers, and fellowship for fellowships' sake.  Pay no attention to the giggles of those who know no better, who have lost sight of the greater benefits of friendship - like knowing there will be somebody waiting when you get home, even if it's two somebodies, and they're very small and hairy.



Size Charmane 11", Winnie 9" 
Limited Limited to fabric availability
Materials Wool, Mohair, Leather, Button/Bead Eyes
Introduced 199?
Price $310
Other Second Edition
Catalog Page 7

Best Friends, Charmane & Winnie


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